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Some individuals who have recently supported the Charter

  • Trevor Arnold
  • Samantha Barber
  • Jamie Morritt
  • Joe Espiner
  • Soen Trueman
  • Michael Newton
  • Nick Wray
  • Robert Slinn
  • Paul Nestor
  • Katherine Purvis
  • Gill Davies
  • Katie Louise Jane Walker
  • Rosalind Trevis
  • Ben Woodling
  • Tom Harvey
  • Ben Smart
  • Helen Brown
  • Nicholas Hale
  • Nigel Strong
  • Jonathan Dunlop

The Charter

We, the people, businesses, organisations, institutions and educational establishments of Winchester want our historic city and surrounding countryside to be vibrant, sustainable and healthy places in which to live, work, do business, study and thrive.

We want to see a Winchester where…

  • Children and students can safely cycle to school and college.

  • People can easily and safely cycle to work.

  • Residents find it convenient to use a bicycle for shopping or to visit any of the city’s leisure and hospitality venues.

  • Cyclists of all ages and abilities feel confident to be on the roads.

  • Our roads and public spaces prioritise people and make cycling the safe, natural choice for a large proportion of everyday journeys.

We believe that better provision for cycling can…

  • Be instrumental in addressing Winchester’s challenges of reducing congestion, achieving carbon neutrality, improving air quality and managing the effects of population growth.

  • Make public transport and essential car journeys much more efficient.

  • Allow Winchester’s rich cultural heritage to be enjoyed in an environment that is more appealing to both residents and visitors.

  • Encourage people to be more active to improve their physical and mental well-being, thus reducing the burden on local health and care services.

  • Support business by boosting the health and productivity of the workforce.

  • Bring lasting local economic benefit.

We want to support and encourage our local leaders…

  • To make decisions that deliver this better future for everyone in Winchester: children, students, working people, retired people, schools, colleges, businesses, institutions and organisations of all sizes.