Winchester Cycling Charter

Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of the Winchester Cycling Charter, a non-incorporated community organisation, formed with the purpose of building consensus around initiatives that make Winchester a more cycling-friendly city. You can contact us via our email address [email protected]

Our website will invite you to enter your name, postcode and email address, and, for organisational supporters, the name of your organisation and your role within it.

We collect names (personal and organisational) so that we can display a list of supporters on our website and other media. By building and publicising an extensive list of individual and organisational supporters, we hope to convince authorities that there is strong support for improving provision for cyclists in the city.

For organisational supporters, we give you the opportunity to upload a logo to our website, which we will display, optionally linking to your own website.

We request your sector and postcode to help us assess the range and geographical distribution of our supporters. You don’t have to provide that information, and if you do, we won’t publish it or share it with anyone. We will use the postcodes to summarise number of supporters by area - it will help us convince councillors of the support for cycling in their area.

We collect your email address so that we can contact you once, to confirm that you have signed the Charter, in order to avoid issues of impersonation. If you explicitly opt-in to email updates, we might later send you emails to update you on progress with our campaign. We will always give you the opportunity to unsubscribe from these updates.

We use cookies on our website, to make the website work more effectively, and to measure the number of visits to the site. We do not use cookies for individual tracking.

We will store your private information securely in Google ‘cloud’ storage, where it can only be accessed by a very small number of our team, and only after providing a robust individual password.

If you would like us to remove your information from our systems, please contact us via the email address above, and we will remove your information promptly.

Recognising that the Charter will echo many organisations’ sustainability policies, you are invited to visibly show your support for the Charter by issuing a Press Release.